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For a quick, hassle free sale, sell your car to us!

Sell Your Used Car

We’ve worked long and hard hours to make our company the best it can be and one thing we pride our self on is the speed! Email has become the new telephone but a lot of our customers agree that they prefer to hear us in person and discuss the sale over the phone, this means we’re able to guide them through the procedure and get the little details we need the most, in the fastest way possible. Our service is not only fast but also has a great deal of quality, we try to be as respectful as possible and allow people to rely on us to give them a great deal. You may have experienced bad sales previously, through no fault of your own. If you’d like to see how a great sale is done, sell your car to us!

It’s really as easy as listed below:

Call – Calling us is the easiest way for us to discuss your car and the price it is worth, we won’t try to rip you off. We’ll take some simple details off you such as the model, year and other things that you will know of by heart (though it’s a good idea to have the info in front of you). Then we will give you a quote on how much it is worth to us and what we can do with it. We won’t try to sell you our service and it’s completely optional what you do after the quote.

Confirm – Once you’ve received the car value, we will give you time to consider your choices. We know you may need to discuss the price and our service with a partner, so you can just call back when you feel ready to decide.

Sell – If you agree with our price we will talk you through the sale. Next will be the appointment, it will be made at a convenient time for you. The appointment will be with one of our polite co-workers, we’ll check the condition of the car, get you to sign the papers and swap the keys for cash. For us to exchange the vehicle from your name to ours, we’ll need to see some identification, just to prove who you are. We will drive the car away or tow it away, it depends on the condition of the vehicle.

It’s really so easy, ring our team members and we’ll help you!