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Sell Your Junk Car

We buy your junk cars! We buy almost every car you could think of, even if your car has huge engine faults or a crushed bonnet, we’ll buy it. We buy humungous quantities of vehicles a week, so we can offer exceptional prices for even the worst condition car. The main reason to start our company was to give our customers an easy and cost effective way to sell their cars, but as we began planning our company we realized there is a huge need for eco-friendly scrapping. We now try to avoid taking our vehicles to landfills and we recycle them as much as we can. We believe that we are making a difference in our community by keeping the scrap vehicles out of landfills and reducing the amount of destruction they create. If your car is junk there is a very good chance that it is a non-runner or just illegal to drive on the road due to its condition, we can help with those vehicles too. We don’t ask you to bring your cars to us, we work completely around you and we will tow your junk car for absolutely free!

But how do I know if it is Junk?

Some cars you can just glance at and tell are junk cars, for instance a car that had been involved in a road accident. A scrap car is going to have problems such as extensive body or structure issues, a shot or faulty engine, extremely damaged or no interior etc. Usually junk cars don’t run and this is normally down to accidents or just faults that aren’t worth fixing. The trouble is when a car reaches a certain age it costs more to maintain and fix it than it’s worth to even keep, so we recommend that if your car is over 15 that you consider it as junk. Millage also takes into consideration; the guideline is that if your car has driven over 150,000 miles then it is also assumed as junk.

Insurance companies will offer you money for your scrap vehicle but the truth is the amount they offer you is very low. Unfortunately a lot of people just accept the offer, as they believe the car is worth nothing. 9 times out of 10 we offer you a much better price.

So call us up and see how much better we can do for you!